What have lawnmowers got to do with marketing your therapy business?

With our Therapists Marketing Solutions hats on, Debs and I recently ran a webinar on Press Releases. One of the great advantages of this medium is that it’s free, so if you’re time rich and money poor, this is one of the routes you can consider to get those all important clients knocking at your door.

As a result of some of the follow-up emails, it quickly became apparent that some of the therapists had been quite nervous of grasping the bull by the horns prior to our webinar. Yet once it had all been spelt out they realised it was just a matter of making time, relaxing those all-important shoulders, and getting on with it!

This reminded me of a metaphor I once heard:

A chap came out of his house one sunny day to see his neighbour sitting on his lawn mending his lawnmower. The lawnmower was in bits and the neighbour was patiently putting it all back together again.

The first man said to his neighbour “I wish I could do that”.

The neighbour replied “You can if you give yourself enough time and are patient”!

All too frequently our subconscious minds procrastinate and stop us doing something that, once completed, will benefit us. If you take the pressure off yourself and present your mind with a positive picture, for example a press release published in a local newspaper that you sent out, then the subconscious is more likely to play ball.

When it comes to marketing, all too frequently therapists allow their businesses to fail simply because there are aspects they don’t like doing – such as marketing. With today’s modern technology and the power of the internet, we tend to concentrate on a few areas that possibly we’re more comfortable with. However, the knack is to cast your marketing net far and wide and cover as many avenues as possible, whether that’s paid for or the wonders of free marketing such as press releases!

Nicola Griffiths and Debs Pearce are both hypnotherapists who, in addition to their own practices, run Therapists Marketing Solutions (TMS). They help therapists to set up in business or help improve an existing business by giving informative tips and techniques on how to market to potential clients. Contact Debs and Nic on 01285 821019 or via info@therapistsmarketingsolutions.co.uk.

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