Supervision is part of looking after yourself says Ann Jaloba

I have spent a lot of this week talking to new supervisees. As always, I am struck by the amount of knowledge and skills so many of you are bringing to helping clients.

I am also struck by how isolated people can feel, so I would like to make a suggestion. Get supervision, find a supervisor you like and you will feel supported and nurtured.

Many people get allergic when they hear the word supervison, they imagine being monitored, judged and criticised; but good supervision is the opposite of this. As a qualified supervisor for the National Council for Hypnotherapy, I am constantly delighted at how much I learn from my supervisees and how they grow and develop in our sessions.

I always ask supervisees: “what did you learn about yourself?” This can be very enlightening, when you are new it can be difficult to conceptualise your cases as you don’t have your own body of work to inform you and your decision making. Get yourself a good supervisor and you can tap into their experience, it can be very comforting to have a space to develop ideas with someone who has been there before. Use this space to explore your own reactions and choices and enjoy developing your confidence and competence.

You will find if you are in a good supervisory relationship then it is with you all the time, not just when you are in session with your supervisor. You will find yourself developing the mental habits of noting your emotional reactions to clients, of considering the different possibilities for intervention, of knowing how to measure you success with clients.

If you feel like good supervision would help you then find out more about what I can offer at

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