Hello Magazine Feature The All New Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis

Steve Miller explains his weightloss system

It has been an exciting and very full week of press interviews discussing my all new Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis programme.

As you probably already know, I developed this model over the last year based on my practical experience of working with hundreds of weight loss clients. For years I thought what was really needed to help clients lose weight was a much stronger and direct protocol that would see client excuses barred, motivation taken through the roof, and an accompanying menu plan system that was straightforward. The Hypnotherapy Handbook provides an overview of my approach and I am pleased to have confirmed a date to present the skills and techniques involved in the Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Model.

It was especially good to see my Hello Magazine Online piece featured recently and in my drive to create awareness of this approach the media will continue to follow me as I pioneer this breakthrough in weight loss hypnotherapy. Weight Loss is such a wonderfully satisfying area to work in as a Hypnotherapist, although if you are not careful it can also be very draining which is why I founded this model. You can see the Hello Magazine Online piece here: http://blog.hellomagazine.com/weightloss/2014/10/the-authoritarian-motivational-weight-loss-hypnosis-breakthrough/

An opportunity for you
If you are keen to use the techniques of this new model of weight loss hypnosis then join me for a day where we will explore them in detail. You can check out the details of this one day event here: http://hypnotherapybusinessschool.co.uk/weight-loss-hypnosis-masterclass-live/

You will learn how to:
1. Condition clients to be excuse free and positively framed to lose weight.
2. Motivate your clients using a range of tools and strategies.
3. Ensure your clients lose weight every week so you attain positive results.

You will also take away sample menu plans using the 80-20 rule to use with clients
An opportunity to learn the art of showmanship to help drive your clients weight loss.
Full details here: http://hypnotherapybusinessschool.co.uk/weight-loss-hypnosis-masterclass-live/

You can read all about why I decided to use this new ground breaking model and a session overview plan in The Hypnotherapy Handbook.

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