Marketing for being successful in an industry where up to 90% of all therapists’ businesses fail in first year!

Everyone who sets up in self-employment usually has to follow various steps to get established!

  1. Sorting out premises
  2. Getting equipment
  3. Organising filing systems
  4. Letting people know they’ve set up
  5. Advising the Inland Revenue that there’s a new business up and running

The above are just a few of the steps that have to be taken.  However, despite the practical training a hypnotherapist receives, the fallout rate huge, with over 90% of therapists’ businesses failing in their first year. This isn’t restricted to hypnotherapists alone though, it covers all therapists.  One of the reasons we suspect this figure is so high is that therapists get their Diploma and think great “we’re off and running” and don’t realise how much work is required with their marketing to get point 4 above across to the public.

In the Hypnotherapy Handbook, we’ve allocated a whole chapter to marketing. Not only that, but it’s written by two hypnotherapists who between them have in excess of 50 years marketing experience and put this experience into good practice to get their therapy businesses up and running. Not only that, but once up and running, those businesses have been successfully sustained for many years.  There are so many ways to marketing your business, some you have to pay for, many come free but may take time to effectively draw in clients, other marketing initiatives that are free can be quicker but take a lot of your time. The momentum needs to be built though and then sustained.

So if you were to do one thing differently today to either get your business off the ground or possibly take it to the next level, what would that be? Perhaps you’d send a relevant press release out? Maybe write a blog for your website? Or possibly you’d simply see how many business cards you could hand out in one day?  The Hypnotherapy Handbook has many ideas on how to market your business!

Nicola Griffiths and Deborah Pearce are hypnotherapists who can jointly boast over 50 years of marketing experience. As well as running hypnotherapy practices, they also head up Therapists Marketing Solutions (TMS) which offers marketing courses for hypnotherapy students and practitioners.


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