Book Reviews


‘The Hypnotherapy Handbook is so much more than just a handbook. This book is written by therapists who have practised for many years and know what works, how to do things, where to find information—that is why we can trust their advice and learn from their experience.’     DR BRIAN ROET OCTOBER 2014


‘Liked this book a lot. Distinct sections with helpful information. As a therapist for some years now, it’s good to read a book like this and pick up new ideas. Helpful on a number of levels, as the Foreward states, it’s more of a handbook, more of a manual on what to do. I found the ‘Taking Care Of Yourself’ chapter very helpful and motivating, this is an area that once you do have a lot of clients can trip you up, so this information is valuable. The marketing section was excellent as was the book as a whole. Certainly we will have our own views on how to work with our clients, depending on our training and the type of hypnotherapy we work with, which is only right and proper, but I feel everyone can learn a great deal from this book.’     AMAZON CUSTOMER OCTOBER 2014


I’ve read hundreds of books on hypnotherapy and related subjects over the years – this is arguably one of the most professionally written and accessible that I’ve come across. Its broken down into a series of chapters, each written by an expert in that subject. The information on marketing your new business will be of particular interest to anyone interested in setting up a new or promoting an existing hypnotherapy practice. With 25 years experience as a hypnotherapist behind me I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to enter the professional or learn more about it before making a decision…     MR M O’SULLIVAN on AMAZON OCTOBER 2014